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The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine (CVM), is led by Professor Stefan Neubauer and is part of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. Research in CVM aims to understand the broad range of mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease and to use this to focus on translational research (spanning from molecular biology through to clinical application). We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach involving biologists, clinicians, medicinal chemists, physicists, computer scientists and statisticians.

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RDM Graduate Studies Prize Winners

Posted 01/11/2016

  Congratulations to Marios Margaritis and Rohan Wijesurendra, who have won this year’s RDM Graduate Studies Prize. Both students showed immense dedication in their studies and have made significant findings in our understanding of cardiovascular disease. Dr Margaritis, from the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, was supervised by Prof Charalambos Antoniades, Prof Barbara Casadei and Prof Keith Channon, and is now an Academic Clinical ...

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