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The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine (CVM), is led by Professor Stefan Neubauer and is part of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. Research in CVM aims to understand the broad range of mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease and to use this to focus on translational research (spanning from molecular biology through to clinical application). We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach involving biologists, clinicians, medicinal chemists, physicists, computer scientists and statisticians.

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Oxford scientists to investigate impact of weight loss surgery on the heart

Posted 17/03/2017

Prof Oliver Rider, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford, has been awarded a prestigious fellowship worth £789,000 from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to investigate how weight loss surgery affects the heart. Dr Rider, based in OCMR, will seek to establish which of the three common operations used to treat obesity - gastric bypass, gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy – gives the greatest ...

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