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The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine (CVM), is led by Professor Stefan Neubauer and is part of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. Research in CVM aims to understand the broad range of mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease and to use this to focus on translational research (spanning from molecular biology through to clinical application). We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach involving biologists, clinicians, medicinal chemists, physicists, computer scientists and statisticians.

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Research volunteer donates £500 to OCMR

Research volunteer donates £500 to OCMR

Posted 21/12/2016

A volunteer who has been taking part in a heart imaging study at the Oxford Centre for Magnetic Resonance Research (OCMR), has kindly donated £500 to support further work in the Centre. Mr Brian Archibald first met the OCMR team in June 2015 when he came into hospital for bypass surgery – an operation to combat blockages in the blood vessels that serve the heart. Joking that Dr Alexander Liu had ‘caught him on a bad day’, Mr Archibald ...

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