CVM Lunchtime Seminars

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The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Lunchtime Seminars are held in Seminar room A, Level 6, West Wing, John Radcliffe Hospital at 12.30 pm, unless otherwise stated:

26 Jan 2015 Prof Francesco Cosentino, Karolinska Institute and University Hospital, Sweden  Epigenetic changes, oxidative stress and vascular disease in diabetes
09 Feb 2015 Prof Baskaran Thilaganathan, Professor Foetal Medicine, St George's, University of London Maternal cardiac adaptation to pregnancy
23 Feb 2015 Prof Silvia Priori, Directior Cardiovascular Genetics Programme, New York School of Medicine  Inherited arrhythmias: from genes to gene therapy
02 Mar 2015 Dr Rienk Nieuwland, Dept of Clinical Chemistry, Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam 

Extracellular vesicles in health and disease 

09 Mar 2015 Dr Mikael Norman, Dept of Neonatal Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Sweden  TBC 
16 Mar 2015 Prof Richard McManus, Nuffield Dept of Primary Care Health Services, University of Oxford Self-management of hypertension - Can patients do it better? * please note 12 noon seminar start*
23 Mar 2015 Prof Chris Denning, Wolfson Centre for Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering & Modelling (STEM), University of Nottingham  Stem cells as a tool to understand heart disease
13 Apr 2015 Prof Constantin v. zur Mühlen,   TBC 
27 Apr 2015  Prof Ulf Landmesser    TBC