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Seminars 2013

Monday lunchtime seminars to be held in the Seminar Room B, Level 6, West Wing, JR at 12.30pm, unless otherwise stated.

14 Oct
Dr Connie Bezzina, Associate Professor , The Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
Genetics of Cardiac Rhythm Disorders: New Approaches 

21 Oct

Prof Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner
Risk Factors and pathomechanisms in peripartum cardiomyopathy: From bench to bedside and back

4 Nov


Prof Cecilia Linde
Cardiac resychronisation therapy - A breakthrough in heart failure management 

11 Nov

Dr Blanche Schroen
Inflammatory non-coding RNAs in cardiac pathology

25 Nov

Dr Willem Mulder
Cardiovascular nanomedicine: From novel concepts to translation

2 Dec

Dr Steffen Petersen
Decisions, decisions, decisions: Insights from cohort studies and decision analysis

10 Feb 2014 Prof Stefan Frantz
Heart failure – a systemic disease: role of the immune system